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Why Choose Me?

Hi, I am Bianca and I was once an engineer but now I am a personal trainer...


I quit my job for this and my main goal is to help teach other how to improve their life and well-being forever not just for a few months. 

  • Passion and Experience

  • Realistic Goals & Personalisation

  • Cost Effective

  • Accountability and Support

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Training and Nutrition

Abs are made in the kitchen

You know the saying "Abs are made in the kitchen"? Well it is true but what does it really mean?

It means that TRAINING and NUTRITION are interconnected. You can and should NOT separate them if you are looking for long term results.

HOWEVER - there is more to it that just food.

Changing your lifestyle, having a good mental health and good relationship with food and your body will bring you THE LONG TERM RESULTS and HAPPINESS YOU ARE AFTER - NOT THE SIX PACK!

review Katarina Šokac

Kat Šokac

I wanted to challenge myself, so I decided to take part in a bikini bodybuilding competition. I was already very advanced with my training at the time, but I couldn't make any further progress on my own. So it was clear to me that I needed a coach.

The most difficult thing was the nutrition. I have always payed attention to what I ate, but to step on stage I had to track my diet very carefully. The right MACROs were my big problem. As a vegan that also does a lot of cardio because of my job, I eat a lot of carbohydrates as I need the fast energy. Bianca knew how to adapt my strength training and diet to fit my goal and lifestyle.

If I had any questions, she was always available and explained a lot backing it up with research and studies.

I think Bianca is a very good bodybuilding coach. So if you're looking to step on a bodybuilding stage and do a show , Bianca is the one!

review Wiktoria Wojewódzka 

Wiktoria Wojewódzka 

As a professional athlete,

I suffered from a lack of progression for years. 

One year ago I decided to work together with personal coach Bianca Giurgiu. 

After a few months, changes started to appear. I improved my strength, health and physical appearance. 

My coach taught me what is very important in fitness: correct technique when performing exercises combined with right nutrition and enough rest.

My training and nutrition plan plan was personalised and updated every week. Even when conditions changed and gyms were closed, she designed home training program.


This women's passion is Fitness and helping people achieving their goals in this field.

Passion combined with knowledge and experience. She always stays up to date with new research.

I gave her a try and it changed my life! 

review Sabina Vasiu

Sabina Vasiu

Bianca Giurgiu is a very competent trainer, she is really fun to work with! She took care of me all the time and was always there for questions or anything else. 

Through her I learned a lot about training and nutrition. 

With the right training plan you can see progress much faster. 

I really recommend her and would work with her again anytime!

review Sibel Künüralp

Sibel Künüralp

My goal was to build more muscle and reduce fat. Bianca gave me the optimal nutrition and training plans that did just that!

She always adjusts them regularly, according to my current situation and goals.

I especially love the nutrition plan because of the flexibility and freedom it offers. In other words, you can choose what you want to eat as long as some conditions are achieved and this makes it easy for everyone  to implement no matter the lifestyle or nutrition preferences they might have. 

As far as online coaching is concerned, Bianca is really very reliable and always available. She always answers as soon as she can, which makes things so easy!

Bianca is a great teacher not just a good coach!

I have also learned a lot about loosing weight and gaining muscle. Moreover she advised me  about different  supplements that are very important for my health and told me different tips and tricks on how I can better stimulate my muscles to grow. 

I would recommended Bianca to everyone no matter their fitness level! She can really help people with her knowledge.

review Fiorella Sánchez 

Fiorella Sánchez 

My goal was to build muscle. Bianca created a well-structured training plan for me. I was able to understand the exercises very well  and training was also really fun. I especially enjoyed the personal training sessions.

Whenever I had questions she explained everything really well, which made it possible to learn a lot about nutrition and muscle building.

This is exactly one of the main reasons why I would recommend Bianca to anyone at any time.!


Elena Maria Simion

I first contacted Bianca because I was struggling for years to build muscle. Whatever I did and however I trained I couldn't achieve my goals.

More than just building an extremely personalised training and nutrition plan she did something else: she educated me (and always could back up her claims). Bianca thought me things I never knew about the human body, fitness and food. I have learned so much and I am so grateful to have found her. Now I do not only have the body I was so long struggling to achieve but I also have the POWER and KNOWLEDGE to change it myself if I please.

She was always also available 24/7 when I had any questions or concerns via whatsap. 

Not to mention she coaches herself for bodybuilding competitions!

This woman was born to do this! If you really want progress - I highly suggest to go to her!

bodybuilding competition victory

Passion and Experience

Both my online and my one-on-one personal  training and nutrition I offer are the result of 9 years of passion and experience working at the highest level as a personal fitness coach, learning not just how to bring a physique to the next level but also how to help create sustainable heath habits.


I breathe and live this lifestyle and it brings me the greatest joy when I can help others either with my online personal training and nutrition guidance or with my live one-on-one training.

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Our bodies are all different.

Everyone looks and moves differently, we have different  bones and muscle structures, different body chemistry.

And that is why your friend's training and nutrition program probably won’t work for you!


YOU are unique – therefore you should have a PERSONALISED TRAINING AND NUTRITION PROGRAM designed for your goal either if that is to get stronger, build a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, build muscle or step on stage. 

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Cost Effective

My online and on site personal coaching services offer many possibilities and variations.


You will get top quality, personalised training program and nutrition guidance  at a fraction of the costs that most offers out there.

EVEN MORE - my prices are adjustable to your goals and needs. We can always personalise them.

gym bianca sitting

Accountability and Support

As one of my training clients you can contact me any time via Whatsapp, E-Mail or Phone/Video.

I am here to help you with any question you might have regarding your training and nutrition plan.

cologne dome

Cologne and Worldwide

My Coaching and Personal Training are Location independent. We stay in contact through Skype and WhatsApp, that is why there are no disadvantages.

If you are from Cologne or nearby I can train you in person if you like.


Contact Me

Thanks for submitting, I will get in contact with you as soon as possible!

Or write me a DM

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